Foundation Repair and Waterproofing

Our foundation and waterproofing team has over 20 years experience in our field, with members having served as the leading foremen for other area companies prior to combining our expertise to form this cooperative.

We understand it can be stressful and daunting to discover that your home has foundation issues, or to be confronted with new or long-standing water and moisture problems in your basement or crawlspace.  You can count on us to thoroughly investigate and analyze the problem, identify the underlying causes of an issue, and implement a solution that is complete and long-lasting.

Most houses experience some degree of normal settling during their lifetime. But other times, there are signs indicating problems that if not addressed can have worsening effects on the structural integrity of your home.  Regulating moisture levels in basements, crawl spaces and around foundations is critical to keeping a foundation in good condition.

To help tackle these problems, Little Corner Construction offers a host of services, ranging from structural repair to basement waterproofing and foundation drainage.

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  • Are you concerned about a sloping, sagging, or springy floor?
  • Have you noticed cracks in your interior walls, or that your windows and doors seemed to be misaligned and/or are sticking?
  • Are there cracks in your foundation or basement floor that have got you worried?
  • Do you have a basement that often gets wet or flooded during a heavy rain?
  • Is your basement wet or damp, but you want to be able to use it as quality living space?
  • Do you feel like your first floor is unusually damp and musty?
  • Are you seeing mold or fungus growing on the wood floor joists in your crawl space?
  • Is a basement wall or retaining wall starting to crack, lean, or bow?
  • Did you discover rotten or termite damaged beams and joists?

Foundation Repairs

We are very familiar with the soils and foundations in the area and have expertise tackling tricky foundation issues, especially in our community’s older, historic homes.

Working collaboratively with structural engineers, we determine the best repair techniques for your home’s needs, which can range from adding masonry piers and drop girders to installing steel helical piers, from utilizing carbon fiber products and I beams to simple steel shims or sistered joists.

We combine these repairs with a holistic solution that can include water management systems. And we never overlook the fundamentals:  ensuring functional gutters, extending buried pipes for your downspouts, and grading the surface to slope away from the house.
We provide you honest recommendations and seek to find the most effective and least invasive solutions.
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Basement Waterproofing

There are many reasons and ways water may be entering your basement.  Whether you are facing flooding or seepage, we can suggest the optimal solution for your particular situation. 
Let us know if you’re noticing any of these signs in your basement: mold/mildew, damp spots on walls, cracked walls, peeling paint, dry rot, warped paneling. They could indicate problems that would be best remedied before they become even costlier repairs. 
You may simply need a window well cover for water entering a window, or a new high quality sump pump.  Or water may be bubbling up from the floor and seeping in the walls, thus warranting a more elaborate waterproofing and water management system. Most remedies involve an interior water management system, though an exterior water management system is sometimes recommended.
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Crawlspace Services

In addition to addressing the root causes of the water and moisture in your crawlspace via an interior and/or exterior water management system, Little Corner can:

  • Brush and scrape all mold, mildew and fungus from floor joists and spray them with an insecticide/fungicide to protect the wood.
  • Replace deteriorated insulation with new insulation. 
  • Install a new vapor barrier.
  • Install a de-humidification system.
  • Fully enclose or seal the crawlspace for a dry, clean, climate controlled environment.
  • Repair, replace, and stabilize piers, floor joists, girders, and any other compromised structural component.
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